30 pounds down

30 pounds down
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Monday, November 5, 2012

$20,500 down in 14 months!!!

Those of you who know me well know that I'm a huge Dave Ramsey fan! Yes, I drank the Kool-aid 14 months ago :) In those 14 months I've paid down $20,500 in debt. This last debt is the slowest to be paid off as it is the largest. Got $6000 left and gonna "kick the old lady (Sallie Mae) to the curb". For those of you interested in becoming debt free, I highly recommend reading "The total money makeover" by Dave Ramsey. My Sunday School class read this as a group. It is an excellent book that lays out all of the principles. There is also have a class called Financial Peace University. Once you pay, you and your family have a lifetime membership. I attended once, but had trouble getting up to the big city in the evenings. I'm going to watch the website for a more local class. I was one of many laid off in February 2012. I was probably the only one in the group not stressed/freaking out---because I had a plan, an emergency fund, and had paid off most of my debts. I saw being laid off as an opportunity to do something more. I was blessed with another job that allowed me more time with my boys. This job will be ending this December...but because I am not leveraged to my eyeballs, I can be somewhat picky in what job I select. Being a single mom (a single income family)the finances can be terrifying. Getting a grip on what's going out vs. what's coming in has allowed me to have "financial peace"...and a lot let stress in life.

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