30 pounds down

30 pounds down
Size 16--Size 8

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

finally progress on the gravitron, weights

#70 pounds wide grip---can now do 10 reps, sets
#60 pounds dips---can now do 15 reps, 3 sets
50# narrow grip--can now do 5 rep, 3 sets.

Theorectically, if I drop 10 pounds each week from the assist, I should be able to do a pull-up (narrow grip) in 5 weeks :-) That would be the first week of May. we'll see...already have had delays due to lack of progress

I really want to try to dumbbell press 60# (2 30#) weights, but am too scared i'll drop them on my head.

....not yet :-(

Have not yet dropped below the 10 mark :-( I'll keep plugging away until I do :-)
Hmmm...what should I do for myself when I break through? I try to celebrate these 5# increments.

150 and holding....

stepped on the scales this morning and it read "150" even. Can it be that perhaps I will break through the 10 pound mark? If so, I'll be below my pre-pregnancy weight.
Stay tuned for further updates :-)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cleaning out my closet...

Sounds like an old Eimenem song, doesn't it?

Actually, I don't have any closets in this house, but I do have a clothes rack that was temporary home to my clothes during the construction of the addition.

This rack was rickety and was located in my bedroom. This rack of clothes was an eyesore and messing up the Fung Shui of my bedroom, so I removed it :-)

Anybody need any size 14 pants or jeans? Facebook me if you do.

Part of this blog deals with getting the house in order. I did clean house this weekend, although my broom and dustpan have mysteriously disappeared.....

I've cleaned out the garden shed. Now all I need to do is get the tiller and mower in working order so that they can be parked in the shed---instead of in the yard lol

I picked up a set of wooden chairs to re-do for my addition. Looking for bedroom furniture now that it is yardsale season :-)

I'm still here, let's get caught up

New picture posted. Progress has been very slow for me, but check out my most recent picture compare to me at my heaviest. Wow!
Slacked off last week (a bit) since I was on vacation. Was ill with gallbladder problems, so was really excited to get home and weigh---thought that I had lost a bunch since I was unable to really eat much. What a disappointment---I was EXACTLY the same. I guess that is better than gaining, though. Most people usually gain when on vacation.
I want to increase the amount of weight I'm lifting with the dumbbells, but am scared I'll get in a position and won't be able to do anything....and end up hurting myself. Heaviest I've done so far is a 25# weight in each hand (total 50 pounds) and lay horizontal on the weight bench and push the weights upward. Sorry, don't know the technical terms. Anyhow, this is becoming easy and I really should increase to 30# in each hand (total 60#) but am scared I'll drop it on my face!!!
Progress is slow on the Gravitron. Earlier I found my "limit" and am trying to work though this. I'm still @ 70# for wide grip, 60# dips, and am down to 50# assist on the narrow grip.
I'm at 112# on the leg press----I do this one-legged. I suppose if I were to use two, I should be able to leg press 240#. I'm at 100# on the multi-hip.
Cardio-wise I've made good friends with the stairclimber. I feel that it gives me a good workout....like I've gotten my money's worth. I do 30 minutes on it, and then 15 on the treadmill @ 4.0 mph.

Goals: I'm tetering around the 150# mark, but have yet to drop down. I'm really not so sure of total amount lost, though it is between 15-20 pounds. At my heaviest, I'm sure I was @ 170#. Earliest known weight was 168.4#. When I went to the clinic in July 2009 I was 166# and last week I was 152# (that's 14 pounds).

I'd still like to decrease the amount of assist on the gravitron, but this is very hard. I'll have to push back the able-to-do-an-unassisted-pullup date by a few weeks. I'm currently at 50# assist and can only do 5 reps/3 sets. In my early days of this, I was doing 10-15 reps...

Still want to do a 5K in October. That is 7 months away, and I still don't feel like I've made much progress in the area of endurance.

Monday, March 22, 2010

have new pictures, need help with posting

OK, so i have new wt loss photos for this month, but I want to post them in a side-by-side fashion for comparison. Anybody know how to do this? Anytime I post a picture, it ends up displaying a large picture in vertical order. I'd like smaller pictures. Please help.

Monday, March 15, 2010

diet and exercise while on vacation

not too many postings as i'm on vacation and am using a REALLY SLOW dial-up connection on an antique computer:-) I'm in the south and resisting the temptations of the delicious fried foods. I even was a good girl and went to walmart and bought some healthy food. I even bought a one week gym membership, too.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ate horribly today

My diet today was atrocious. I'm sure it will show up on the scales tomorrow. I won't even list what I ate---pretty shameful. But I will resolve to do better tomorrow :-)

Monday, March 8, 2010

I think I've found my limit...

My plan to do a zero-assisted pull up in 10 weeks will likely have to be extended by one or two weeks. I am having to repeat a week on the widegrip pull up at 70#. I'm down to 50# on the narrow grip, but can only do 6 or 7 instead of 10-15. I'm at 60# on dips. Progress is now slow, but hey, at least I'm not going backwards :-)
The good news is that I'm close to my pre-pregnancy weight. I had thought about calling my doctor's office to confirm what my pre-preggo weight was...but I haven't gotten around to it. My scales say that I've lost 12 pounds :-) I have the scales that electronically keep track of weight, body fat, etc. We won't say what the body fat reading is....

My crazy day :-)

Those of you that know me know that part of my job entails wound care. Those of you that don't know me, know it now :-) Part of my schedule today was to drive about 50 minutes from the office to see a patient in a nursing home. Along the way, I stopped at Dollar General store because I was craving chocolate--one of my MAJOR weak points. I went inside and bought some of my favorite Easter candy---made by Cadbury--and they are small chocolate eggs with a hard candy shell (similar to M&Ms). I was a good girl and bought the single-serving bag instead of the 1 or 2-pounder like I probably would have done last year :-) I proceeded to eat the chocolate candy and unbeknownst to me, I dropped one in my lap/car seat. By the time I got to my destination, it had melted all over my butt---but I didn't know it. I went into the nursing home and inquired as to the location of the patient that I was to see. I walked down the hall with my chocolate butt (on light purple scrubs!). A nurse followed me in and asked "Have you been eating chocolate?" I said "yes". She looked at me with disbelief and said "well you have something all over the back of your pants and it doesn't *look* like chocolate". This alarmed me as I had taken some Alli 4 days prior. Those of you who have taken Alli are probably aware of the "Alli effect". I panicked thinking that I had crapped myself and didn't know it. Well, after the nurse left, I sneaked a peek of my rump in the mirror---and it looked like blood (the room was dark). I thought that it was strange that I could bleed that much and not know it. Eventually I made my way to the restroom and discovered that it was, in fact, chocolate. I let the nurse know, and I don't think she believed me! I'll probably be forever known in that facility as "the hospice nurse that craps herself". I guess I'm being punished for eating the chocolate.
So, I have to return to my house to change pants. By the way, it is raining cats and dogs and my seat is full of chocolate and I can't clean it because of the rain, so I get to slide around on a wal-mart sack.
While at my house, I grab a towel, hair dryer, hairspray, etc and clothes to change into after I work out since I have a date tonight and will be cutting it close time-wise.
I go to the gym, and hop on the treadmill only to discover that I forgot my sports bra, so no running--just a really fast walk. What else can go wrong? Well, let's see: I go to take my shower, which is the first shower I"ve taken in this facility. The showers are something reminiscient of church camp. I step in and turn the faucet and...nothing. I'm thinking "Oh crap! I've got a date in 30 minutes and I'm sweaty and stinky and the water is turned off". So I step into the next shower and it works, thank goodness :-) I then realize I forgot shampoo or any soap. LOL i've only been bathing for 34 years, you'd think I'd remember the basics... so I take a friction shower and hope that it will suffice. I put an extra large application of deodorant on plus body spray. I then realize that I forgot clean underwear. Hmmm...what to do...well I went commando. I just couldn't put on the dirty underwear. I then realize I forgot a clean bra. Going braless isn't an option for me, so on goes the sweaty bra (yuck!). Also forgot clean socks......
There is only one outlet in the restroom, and it is nowhere near the mirror. That made for interesting hair styling. When, I went to unplug the hairdryer, I ripped the outlet off the wall. Not only did the outlet come off, but the conduit, too. All the way up the wall and across the ceiling over to the junction box. Either I'm stronger than I realize, or this building is a real dump. I vote on the second option.
So, I meet my date, sweaty bra and all. Must not have reeked too bad because I'm seeing him again :-)
What a day.

goal met!

so, this week i've conssistently been 2 pounds or more below the 5# mark :-) Finally. I think i was stuck there for 4 weeks... Goal for this week? Maybe get below the 10 pound mark?????

baby powder works as oil dry

thrifty people always try to find something else to do the job in the event that they don't have the proper item. When my ex moved his things out, a large bucket of oil was spilled on the shop floor. I tried soaking it up with sand, but that only got part of the spill. Instead of going out and buying some oil-dry/floor-sweep, I used a bottle of babypowder. I had tons left over from having kids as i really didn't use powder on my babies. Guess what? it worked :-) and my tool shed smells baby-fresh.

Monday, March 1, 2010

dinner tonight...

I'm in the process of using up what is in the freezer so that I can save on the grocery bill and also there will be less to move when I relocate the freezer to the basement.

tonights dinner was interesting. I was so looking forward to some baked tilapia, but all I had was an empty box :-( so, I had crawdads, edamame, and wild rice.
Lesson learned: wild rice in the rice cooker does not turn out well...a little on the cruchy side.....OK a lot on the crunchy side---no matter how much water I added, and how much longer I cooked it for...

No to dispose of the crawdad remanants before the house gets stinky

50% less assist on the gravitron :-)

When I started using the gravitron I was at 120 pounds assist. Today I decreased by 10 pounds and am now down to 60 pounds for narrow grip, 70 pounds for dips and 70 pounds for wide angle grip. I wasn't able to do but 2 sets of 5 on the wide grip, so will do those first (hopefully tomorrow) next time I work out.

On the treadmill, I've been doing running 2 minutes, and then walking, then running, etc. I've found that I can't always run the full 2 minutes...at least not for the whole 45 minute workout---but it is a start. This is SLOW progress.

I did the math last night and will have to run for about 12 minutes to do a mile...I'm 1/6th the way there....

One of the "fitness gurus" at the gym tonight initiated a conversation. When I say guru, I'm talking about the skinny old men that look like they've run their entire life---and can run for an hour and not sweat! lol Anyhow, he wanted to know how many miles I got on the treadmill tonight. Hmmm...guess that's the difference between me and the runners! I count minutes and they count miles! Everybody has got their own opinions on fitness. He told me that he thought I was focusing on weights/bulking up too much and that the excessive muscle weight was making it hard for me to run. lol what "excessive muscle weight"? More like jiggly chubby stuff.

still lifting the same with the dumb bells. i bumped up the hip machine to 90 pounds and am doing one-leg leg presses at 100 pounds now---which is quite amazing considering when I first started lifting months ago I could *maybe* do 80 pounds/both legs :-)