30 pounds down

30 pounds down
Size 16--Size 8

Monday, March 1, 2010

50% less assist on the gravitron :-)

When I started using the gravitron I was at 120 pounds assist. Today I decreased by 10 pounds and am now down to 60 pounds for narrow grip, 70 pounds for dips and 70 pounds for wide angle grip. I wasn't able to do but 2 sets of 5 on the wide grip, so will do those first (hopefully tomorrow) next time I work out.

On the treadmill, I've been doing running 2 minutes, and then walking, then running, etc. I've found that I can't always run the full 2 minutes...at least not for the whole 45 minute workout---but it is a start. This is SLOW progress.

I did the math last night and will have to run for about 12 minutes to do a mile...I'm 1/6th the way there....

One of the "fitness gurus" at the gym tonight initiated a conversation. When I say guru, I'm talking about the skinny old men that look like they've run their entire life---and can run for an hour and not sweat! lol Anyhow, he wanted to know how many miles I got on the treadmill tonight. Hmmm...guess that's the difference between me and the runners! I count minutes and they count miles! Everybody has got their own opinions on fitness. He told me that he thought I was focusing on weights/bulking up too much and that the excessive muscle weight was making it hard for me to run. lol what "excessive muscle weight"? More like jiggly chubby stuff.

still lifting the same with the dumb bells. i bumped up the hip machine to 90 pounds and am doing one-leg leg presses at 100 pounds now---which is quite amazing considering when I first started lifting months ago I could *maybe* do 80 pounds/both legs :-)

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