30 pounds down

30 pounds down
Size 16--Size 8

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm still here, let's get caught up

New picture posted. Progress has been very slow for me, but check out my most recent picture compare to me at my heaviest. Wow!
Slacked off last week (a bit) since I was on vacation. Was ill with gallbladder problems, so was really excited to get home and weigh---thought that I had lost a bunch since I was unable to really eat much. What a disappointment---I was EXACTLY the same. I guess that is better than gaining, though. Most people usually gain when on vacation.
I want to increase the amount of weight I'm lifting with the dumbbells, but am scared I'll get in a position and won't be able to do anything....and end up hurting myself. Heaviest I've done so far is a 25# weight in each hand (total 50 pounds) and lay horizontal on the weight bench and push the weights upward. Sorry, don't know the technical terms. Anyhow, this is becoming easy and I really should increase to 30# in each hand (total 60#) but am scared I'll drop it on my face!!!
Progress is slow on the Gravitron. Earlier I found my "limit" and am trying to work though this. I'm still @ 70# for wide grip, 60# dips, and am down to 50# assist on the narrow grip.
I'm at 112# on the leg press----I do this one-legged. I suppose if I were to use two, I should be able to leg press 240#. I'm at 100# on the multi-hip.
Cardio-wise I've made good friends with the stairclimber. I feel that it gives me a good workout....like I've gotten my money's worth. I do 30 minutes on it, and then 15 on the treadmill @ 4.0 mph.

Goals: I'm tetering around the 150# mark, but have yet to drop down. I'm really not so sure of total amount lost, though it is between 15-20 pounds. At my heaviest, I'm sure I was @ 170#. Earliest known weight was 168.4#. When I went to the clinic in July 2009 I was 166# and last week I was 152# (that's 14 pounds).

I'd still like to decrease the amount of assist on the gravitron, but this is very hard. I'll have to push back the able-to-do-an-unassisted-pullup date by a few weeks. I'm currently at 50# assist and can only do 5 reps/3 sets. In my early days of this, I was doing 10-15 reps...

Still want to do a 5K in October. That is 7 months away, and I still don't feel like I've made much progress in the area of endurance.


  1. Do you work out in Wellington? I'm getting ready to start back on Monday. Maybe sometimes I'll see you there. I'm at my heaviest now, mostly due to lack of motivation. I want to start a running program and maybe if I keep up with your blog, I'll feel better. :-) I've never been a runner before, so I'm scared (which makes me lazy) Thanks for friending me AND mostly congrats to you! You look absolutely awesome!! Lisa Deal