30 pounds down

30 pounds down
Size 16--Size 8

Friday, August 13, 2010

Beating my speed and I'm finally not "obese" or "overweight"

I did 1.75 miles in 27 minute vs. a previous thirty. I made a conscious effort to pick up the speed. This 27 minutes was 11 minutes of walking and 16 minutes of jogging. Average speed was 3.88 mph, which is better than the 3.5 obtained previously.
that was the last day of Week 4. It's on to week 5 now. Heard a rumor about a 20 minute run....
Glad to announce I'm no longer "Obese" or "overweight" according to the US Dept of Health and Human Services. visit their website http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ to calculate yours. I'm on the high side of normal. My goal weight will put me on the low side of normal.

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