30 pounds down

30 pounds down
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

My first race, MVelopes, and painting

I ran my first race today. It was a 2 miles "Fun Run" in Oxford, KS. I was third in my division and my time was 25:32. Not a wonderful time, but not too shabby considering 6 weeks ago I couldn't even run 30 seconds. I have never been able to run a mile in my life, and now I can run 2. Actually, 3 as I ran 3 miles on Wednesday night.

This blog is about putting my life, finances, and house in order after a divorce. I've made substantial progress in the body area. As far as finances, I'm slowly paying down debts. I'm using an online budgeting program through Crown Financial Ministries called "Mvelopes", It seems to be a neat program, but getting it set up is giving me fits. Anybody familiar with this program that can lend me a hand?

As far as the house is concerned, this weeks project is repainting the dining room. There is a gosh-awful blue color on the wainscoting that I have never liked since I painted 10 years ago. 10 years is a long time to look at something you don't like.

I have acquired an antique dining room set for $250 and the set includes table with leaves, 6 chairs, and a buffet. I know that I should save my money, but this was a deal too good to pass up. My other set is unsafe (one chair exploded under a guest). The chairs have been overhauled multiple times. I can't get rid of the set because it was my grandmothers (I promise I'm not being a hoarder). I have taken the leaves out of the table and retired it to the kids playroom for puzzles and games. The remaining chairs are strong enough to support the kids weight.

I figure that you can not buy 6 replacement chairs for $250. Plus now I have a buffet to store my serving platters and table cloths.

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