30 pounds down

30 pounds down
Size 16--Size 8

Monday, April 5, 2010

Kicking butt (and taking names!)

I think I'm finally getting it. I actualy ran today and did somewhere between a third and 1/2 a mile, I could have probably gone longer, but my mouth was parched, so I quit. Yes, I know, that's an excuse. Before you laugh and say "big deal!", I want you to understand that this chick doesn't run. Those of you who know me on a personal level are probably thinking "Cindy run? ROTFLMBO!". I think each day I'll add a minute until I reach a full 12, which is what I estimate to be a mile. If I can't do a full additional minute, then I'll do 30 seconds. You get the point :-)

Since today is Monday, I upped my weights and decreased the assistance on the Gravitron. I am now @ 40 pounds assist on narrow grip pullup. I could only do 2 sets of 5. I am doing dips @ 50 pounds--3 sets of 15 reps; wide grip @ 60 pounds--I could do 7 reps, 3 sets.

Still want to dumbbell press the 30# dumbbells but am too scared that I'll drop them on my head.

@ 110 pounds on the multi-hip, 122 # on the leg press (one-legged).

I'll probably be really tired tomorrow.

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