30 pounds down

30 pounds down
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

#1 rule for not having too much crap in your house

Remember, part of this blog is dedicated to getting my house in order....not that i have too much junk, but everybody can use more organization. So, one rule I have followed is to remove one item for every item brought into the house. For example, just prior to Christmas and birthdays, my kids will pick out the broken toys, or toys that they no longer play with in anticipation for the new toys received on birthdays and holidays. This has worked well. My kids have never had more toys that what fits in their toy box or their shelf.
I've used the same principle for shoes and clothes. New shirt bought, old shirt either in the trash or donated to charity (if still usable).
So, yesterday, I FINALLY bought some Sketchers Shape-ups :-) I had worn out a pair of sneakers, so it was time to get some new shoes. The worn-out ones will go into the trash as they weren't too comfortable to begin with. I have an old pair that I use for working out in the yard, etc. Some people i have know have 100+ pairs of shoes. I have 10 or less.... I've been in houses where toys overrun each room...and i've known people who have 4 closets full of clothes not worn (out of style, wrong size, worn out, or just too many).

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