30 pounds down

30 pounds down
Size 16--Size 8

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

gym tonight and loving the bra :-)

For the first time, I was able to do 45 minutes on the treadmill (alternating between brisk walk, really fast walk, and jogging) without having to stop to stretch out the muscles on the front of my lower legs. Wow. Didn't think that would ever happen.
Tonight was day #3 on the 70# assist narrow grip and 80# assist wide grip, and 80# dips. Past 2 nights was only able to do 10 reps, 3 sets. Tonight I was able to do 15 reps some of the times, and 3 sets of each.
By the way, I like my new sport bra. Keeps the girls comfy :D

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