30 pounds down

30 pounds down
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

re-evaluation of fitness goals from last weekend

Those of you who are in the nursing field are probably familiar with the "nursing process" and "careplans", same can hold true for weight loss and fitness. Let's re-examine last my goals from last weekend using a simplified version of nursing.

Assessment/observation: I am 30 pounds overweight
Goal: was to loose 2 pounds this week
Implementation: was to continue visiting the gym, maintain current cardio regime, increase weight lifting, watch diet
Rationale: all of these listed in "implementation" are known to decrease weight, i.e. increase physical activity, decrease PO intake
Evaluation: was goal met/unmet? Goal was unmet
Revision: continue same goal for next week, Implementation: this week i'm going to write down everything I eat so that I am more conscious of what i am consuming. More of a diet focus and continue same exercise regime--at this point I am unable to visit gym more regularly

Goal #2 was to buy a sports bra. Goal met. obtained sports bra yesterday

Goal #3 was to decrease amount of assist on gravitron by 10 pounds. goal met, although it was very difficult.

Goal #4 was to focus on core. Goal not met. Didn't do a single core-specific thing this past week :-( Revision: on my parenting nights (i.e. non-gym nights) I will do core exercises. I am also really uncertain as to what I SHOULD be doing, so I bought a couple magazines and will research on the internet. I have a hard time doing core exercises at the gym for two reasons. 1) the "floor area" is a well used piece of carpet that has had many sweaty bodies laying on it (gross) 2) by the time i do 45 minutes of cardio, plus lift weights, stretch, etc, time is a factor.

Goals for this week:
1) loose two pounds--write down everything i eat, really watch diet
2) decrease assist on gravitron by 10 pound (70 pounds narrow grip, 80 pounds wide grip, 80 pounds dips)
3) core exercises--whatever that might be--three nights this week
4) set up appointment with physical trainer to be re-measured (weight, fat %, arm, leg, waist, bust, hip circumference)

I need somebody to hold me accountable? Feel free to comment on my blog, IM, facebook, text, or call me :-) I need the motivation.

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