30 pounds down

30 pounds down
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cheap entertainment, money, fitness and diet

I took the kids skating today. They boys received free skating passes at their birthday party, so their admission was free. We each have our own skates, so we don't have to rent. So all I had to pay was my admission, which was $3. Prior to leaving, I had the bright idea of having the boys raid their own piggy banks, so they'd think twice before nickle and diming me to death with "I want this, I want that". I limited them to two dollars each. That worked out very nice *pats self on back*. I'm sure some of you long-time parents are thinking "Duh!", but seriously, I'm new to the parenting-at-the-age-of-the-gimmes.
The kids were very receptive to using their own money and they enjoyed the freedom of going to the concession stand when they wanted to. My eldest even learned the disappointment of using his last 2 quarters on the silly game that drops the claw down into a bin of stuffed animals. Neither child complained when their money was gone.
Considering an allowance now...not sure of amounts these days....and job expectations for a 4 and 6 year old.
I also bought a drink for $1.
Total amount spend today $4 plus what I put into the offering plate at church, which is not up for discussion except that I am not at the tithing level yet....and need to be.
The skating was my workout for today. It's amazing the upper body workout that one gets from holding a 4 year old up. It's back to the gym for me tomorrow.
1 communion wafer
1 shot of grapejuice
1 2"square of lasagna (homemade :-) )
several handfuls of popcorn at skating rink
diet pepsi
5 cheez-its
1 small bowl of popcorn
2 pigs-in-blanket (2 biscuits, 1 slice of bologna) with mustard
1 slice homemade bread with butter
1 serving of Bailey's

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