30 pounds down

30 pounds down
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why tightwaddery?

Being a tightwad (frugal person, cheapskate, spendthrift, etc) has a purpose. In my case, I am trying to save money so that I can pay of debt and rebuild savings. Tighwaddery also has another purpose. It allows you to save money so that you have money on hand when a good deal comes up.
For example, some people might find that they get a better deal on a car if they negotiate with cash. Or, if canned goods are on sale for 10 cents each, if you have cash on hand, you can stock up on a bunch.
My gym membership expires this month. They are offering a promotion where if you pay/renew for the whole year, then they will sell you the membership for halfprice: 12.50/month vs 25/month. The catch is that you have to pay all at once.
I don't have $125 laying around, but I will try to find money in the budget as this will allow me to save $125 down the road.

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  1. unless you know the gym will still be in business for the whole year (or probably in this case, 6 more months), it is NOT wise to pay in advance like that. Health clubs/Gyms/Spas, etc are notorious for closing and leaving members stranded - even big names. I understand the desire to save, here is an area that you will have to weigh the risks on.