30 pounds down

30 pounds down
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

I've been cooking for my chickens

Since we've been having below zero temps here in the midwest, I figured that my chickens would like a hot meal. I regularly save eggs shells, veggie scraps, table scraps (no meat or onion-type foods), etc to feed to them. Yes, chickens eat eggs shells. If you don't feed them their egg shells, one would have to supplement their diet with a calcium replacement. My in-laws save their shells and bake them and then crumble them up. I find that frozen shells shatter nicely, so this is what I do. I have a bucket that stays in the freezer...in goes the shells, etc.
A few weeks ago I made beans and cornbread only to discover that the cornmeal was probably the nastiest I have ever had. Not sure if it was really old or had been in the freezer too long... so, I made a hot batch of cornmeal (Don't worry my oven was already hot from other baking projects) to which I added all of the freezer scraps.
The chickens loved it!!!!
Tonight, I cooked a pot of lentils. I found an opened bag in the deep recesses of the freezer. They smelled freezer-burned and I'm not a big lentil fan anyhow. I hope my chickens are because that's what's for dinner tomorrow.

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  1. I sort of understand no meat, but why no onion-type foods?