30 pounds down

30 pounds down
Size 16--Size 8

Monday, January 25, 2010

I've fallen off the wagon....

OK, so I've fallen off the wagon in more ways that one. First of all, I haven't been making daily blog entries, which could explain while I've backslid in other areas....or I've backslid in other areas therefore didn't want to blog. Classic case of which comes first, the chicken or the egg.
Well, I'm coming clean and will resolve to do better...
1) need to be better about blogging
2) My workouts the past two weeks (other than skiing) were practically non-existent
3) Between eating on vacation, cooking for coworkers, and having out-of-town guests this past weekend, my diet has been attrocious. Add to that my kids persuaded me to take them out for pizza after skating on Sunday...bad for diet and for waistline. I've also been loaned to another office and ate lunch on the run today. I was a bad, bad girl at lunch today--I ate KFC...not the healthiest of meals....

So, what have I done to remedy this situation?
1) I am blogging tonight
2) I went to the gym tonight though I feel like it conquered me...
3) I will pack a breakfast and a lunch for tomorrow :-)

More updates later....

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