30 pounds down

30 pounds down
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

So where did the money go today? $70.56

The first part of saving money is to realize where your money is going. The best way to do that is to write down your purchases. Think about your purchase before you spend---do you have to have it? can you make do with something else? can you delay the purchase? Can you make this purchase last longer so that you don't have to drop more cash?
I had 3 purchases today. The first was postage to mail the bills I wrote out last night and belated Christmas cards...I used up what stamps I had in my purse. I considered using stamps out of my stamp collection to avoid having to buy stamps at the post office, but reconsidered this since my oldest son had expressed an interest in the collection. If I end up totally broke, I will use the stamps from my colletion. I spent a total of $20.07 at the post office and still have one book of twenty stamps left. Visited the bank to get log in credentials so that I can do on-line bill pay for those bills that I don't have set up on auto-pay. Bank closed. Add that to my to do list for Monday.
Second purchase was gasoline in the amount of $49.42 for 19.775 gallons of 89 octane gas. My old truck won't run on 87 octane. Gas was $2.49 today. No shopping around as we only have one gas station, which I wholeheartedly support as it is one of the few remaining businesses in town. Expect a longer blog later on my fuel economy predicament. Gas is a necessary expense as I have to drive to be able to work.
While working today, I was hungry and didn't have the foresight to pack a snack. I bought the cheapest and most healthiest option at McDonalds and spent $1.07.
Total amount spent today is $70.56

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