30 pounds down

30 pounds down
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"new" car gets 34.8 mpg

Readers, I have finally purchased a "new" car to aid in saving money. The "new" car is a 1999 Honda Civic....a small car that is surprisingly roomy inside. I have two child restraints in the back seat and the kids aren't cramped.
I road-tested the car's mileage on the Colorado trip. It got 34.8 miles per gallon, which is way better than the truck's latest 13.4 miles per gallon.
Payments are in the range that i was hoping for. I think a previous blog, I had indicated that I'd like to keep payments in the $100-$140 range.
Not too pleased about the insurance rates. I have been a customer of my particular insurance company for quite some time. I haven't had any accidents or claims or tickets *knocking on wood*, and I am a female driver in my 30s. I'm being charged $60 per vehicle or a total of $120/month. I'll begin shopping around soon for a better deal on car insurance. Readers: Who do you like for insurance? Who do you think gives the best deals?

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  1. Talk to you agent, and tell them you are shopping around. I was able to reduce my costs by 20% - Allstate underwrote essentially the same policy under a different sub-company in the Allstate portfolio. I like Allstate only because they have been the cheapest - ONLY because I have been a client for 20+ years.

    Look at using the same company for Both Homeowner and Auto insurance if possible (and maybe life insurance??). Shop around. Good Luck